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Potential Advertisers and Sponsors

Dear Fellow Members of MSUAA- Howard County Chapter,

As you have probably heard by now, we will be celebrating our 35th Anniversary on June 7th, 2024. In planning for this very auspicious occasion, we will be creating a dynamic Program Booklet! The purpose of this note is to solicit your ideas/ input/ personal contacts, etc. for the program booklet. We are seeking Individuals, Businesses, and Corporate advertisers/ sponsors for inclusion into our Program Booklet. We know that there are many different persons/entities that want to support Morgan State University and in return we want our Morgan communities to support these persons/entities.


The Advertiser/Sponsor Order Form and all other pertinent information is available online. Your clients can order and pay for their ads/sponsorships online and/or send copy to us. Our goal is to make this process as simple as possible with this 1 stop shopping!


Also, you can send us a name/phone number of a contact person if you want us to contact a potential Advertiser/Sponsor directly. Think in terms of your Family, Barber, Beautician, Church, favorite restaurant, etc. If you do not know of any potential advertisers/sponsors, please support us by simply doing a Patron Ad for only $25. Your name will be Prominently listed in our 35th Anniversary booklet.


Below is the list of potential advertisers/ sponsors from our past events and other entities that we believe are Morgan supporters! You can add your name as a contact for one of these entities (Enable Edit button & Save) or you can add your own personal entities/ businesses that you plan to contact (Add button & Save). The purpose of this is to build a database of our supporters, and to make sure we are not duplicating our solicitations to the same people and businesses. 


Please let us know if you have any questions and/or ideas on any and all of the above information?


Thanking All of You In Advance!

The Morgan 35th Anniversary Scholarship Committee

Potential Advertiser
Sponsor Sheet

The sponsor sheet helps us track the organizations and businesses each chapter member is contacting about supporting the Gala through sponsorship, advertisements, donations, and tickets.

Steps on:

  • Find or add a company or organization

  • Sign up to contact them to become a sponsor

  • Contact the company or organization

  • Update the comments with any notes

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