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Meet the Board Members

The Alumni Board of Directors is the governing body for the MSU Alumni Assoication and demonstrates the highest level of commitment from our alumni community.

Paul Haley Sr.


Class of 1981

Harriette Page

Recording Secretary

Class of 1978

Pamela Banks

Financial Secretary

Class of 1975

Bishara Bates

Membership Chair

DeLois Jeffers

Fundraising Chair

Class of 1973

Suzanne Haley


Class of 1983

Karen Wright

National Association

Class of 1984

Keisha Shepherd

Website Developer

Class of 2003

Keisha Shepherd

Vice President

Class of 2003

Cystale Dunham

Corresponding Secretary

Class of 1984

Jackye Malloy Jones


Class of 1967

Clarence Jeffers

Outreach Chair

Class of 1971

Dr. Iantha Tucker

Fundraising Co-Chair

Class of 1966 & 1972

David Lewis

Adopt A Road

Class of 1988

Robert Sturtevant


Class of 1968 and 1973

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