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Chapter Meeting Minutes 11/1/2021

Date: Monday, November 1, 2021 

Attendees: 39 people


Prayer: Paul provided the prayer at 7:07pm 

Minutes shared virtually and no comments or recommendation OLD BUSINESS Chapter photo was a huge success. 

It was great seeing everyone for a few minutes IN PERSON! 

The Morgan Gala raised $300,000 for the University. An increase from the previous year Committee Reports 

● Audit - Not Applicable 

● Corresponding 

  ○ Just a few items in the mailbox related to membership and payments 

  ○ Continue to visit the website for upcoming events and access information 

    ■ www.msuaa/ 

● Fundraising - 

  ○ 1k/5K Estimates 

    ■ 1500 in donations 

    ■ Profit was made 

    ■ Participants truly enjoyed the event 

    ■ Thank you DeShawn Shephard for the idea 

  ○ April Day Party - Caribbean Theme 

    ■ More information to come 

● Membership 

  ○ Majority of payments are coming from PayPal 

    ■ Great celebration 

  ○ Currently at 62 members based on current database ○ Christmas Party Zoom Poll

    ■ December 6, 2021 and 7pm 

    ■ 70% voted to have an in-person party 

  ○ Wine Tasting 

    ■ Permit needed 

    ■ Consider allowing live purchasing or taking orders 

● Outreach 

  ○ Close to $1,000 worth of donations for the Howard County Food Bank 

● National 

  ○ No items to report 

● Scholarship 

  ○ We have went from $2,300 to $10,000 for scholarships ○ Goal to see more freshmen and HCC students apply 

  ○ Volunteers are needed for the committee to contact local schools 

  ○ More presence needs to given to market Morgan on the high school and community college level

● Treasure Report

  ○ Current balance of 20,062.23 as of (October 2021) ○ Another 5,000 donation was given anonymously during Homecoming (new amount will reflect in November budget) 

  ○ Investment volunteers are needed NEW BUSINESS 

● Goal is to slowing migrate back into the Kahler Hall 

● Hybrid option would be required 

● Toby’s is still an option 

  ○ We “want to control the mic” by selling out the house or the show 

● Question Band Christmas Show 


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